GBSB 3 Hour Slouchy Cardigan, Done and Dusted!


It is finished! As we move into Spring in London, I thought I’d better get down to finishing the 3 hour slouchy cardi from the GBSB Fashion with Fabric book.


I used Jersey to sew this up with a stretch needle. The longest part of this project, so to speak, was tracing the pattern out from the pattern pack.


I’ve always found tracing patterns really tedious and almost gave up as a result. But I had blogged about doing this earlier and so got down to it.


Once done, everything came together quite easily. It’s a ‘forgiving’ pattern so even if the cutting was’nt perfect at some points, it didn’t really make a difference when sewing it together.


I used a zig zag stitch with black thread for the shoulders and side seams.


The shoulder pleats were done with a straight stitch. I know the pattern calls for a twin needle to be used for this on aesthetic grounds but I thought a single stretch needle would be equally effective.


And there we are!

The only changes I made to the pattern was to use bias binding for the back neckline. The pattern called for interfacing to stabilise this but I thought bias binding would work better as I had some polyester pink binding on hand. As polyester is lighter than cotten it helps stabilise the jersey while not dragging it down as cotton bias binding would.


Final thoughts on this pattern? It’s very easy to sew but I’m just not really convinced jersey fabric is the way to go for this one as it seems ‘over-drapey” (if there is such a word!). Something done with fleece, for example, provides a little bit more shape to this but yet maintains the integrity of the original pattern. Still, I look forward to using this when out on our terrace playing with my son this Spring.


Recycling and the Common Good

“When people become self-centered and self-enclosed, their greed increases. The emptier a person’s heart is, the more he or she needs things to buy, own and consume. It becomes almost impossible to accept the limits imposed by reality. In this horizon, a genuine sense of the common good also disappears” – Pope Francis on consumerism in his encyclical Laudato Si.

I’ve finally jumped on the recycling bandwagon. Yes I know, I’ve lived in this country before but you can get away with ignoring the recycling truck if you live in a flat. For the record, we are still living in a flat, but it’s a smaller building with only 7 apartments and a rather dodgy rubbish shed. So yes, the final push factor to start recycling stemmed purely from a desire to reduce my visits to the smelly and filthy rubbish shed and a morbid fear that the waste collection men would find out I wasn’t recycling!

In the beginning, I didn’t even know where to get the recycling bags! But our trusty local residents facebook group pointed me towards the Council website where a few clicks gets you a pack of 26 sacks sent conveniently to your mailbox. I always thought recycling was complex, simply because of how they differentiate recycling bins in public spaces – I believe it’s one bin for glass, another for paper….another for mixed use recycling? Anyway, so thankfully with residential recycling it’s fairly straightforward and the sacks are helpfully labeled with what’s recyclable – paper, food tins and drink cans, glass, plastic bottles and pots, aerosols and cartons.  I was nervous my first week of recycling as I know the recycling truck can reject your sack if there is stuff in there that’s not recycable, but off I went at 7am on Wednesday morning to put out our very first 2 sacks on the street. I know this sounds silly but it was immensely satisfying to peek out the window and watch the truck collect my sacks. Perfecto!

Since then, I’ve been recycling with enthusiasm. On a weekly basis, we have 2 sacks and it’s rewarding to see just how much can be recycled. It’s also made me more aware of what I throw out in the rubbish and led to a desire to reduce what we consume and save what we can. I know the law on plastic bags has come into effect, but I’m still proud to say that I bought recycled shopping bags from Waitrose and Asda beforehand! I don’t even know why we didn’t before…it makes packing groceries at the counter just so much quicker.

I hope to teach the bubs to live wisely, to think deeply and be socially conscious about the world we live in. I know that one of the best ways to teach our young is to set an example and a reduction in consumerism, care for our environment, and reusing what we can,  is one that I hope to impart.


We have moved to London!

Just a short note that we have finally made the move to London! It’s been madness settling in and sorting out phone lines, internet (I am typing this entry using my mobile as we dont yet have wifi), new play areas, new nap routines…. but as you can see, the bubba is enjoying it! 🙂


At the QE Olympic Park


At Millwall Park

We sadly lost our beautiful and beloved Milo last week in Singapore.


(Wanting to join in the bubba’s pool fun)

He had a heart condition and was on meds for it. But it was time, I think, for him to run free in happy hunting grounds. We were really sad that we couldnt be there for him, but it was very quick when the end came and we are grateful he didnt suffer. We will always love him and remember him.


Pictured here with Duffy.

We are still settling in and my boxes with my Husqvarna have yet to arrive. I have always liked the John Lewis sewing machine with its vintage colours and couldnt resist buying one even though it’s a fairly basic machine!


I only managed to fit my cutting board in to my suitcase and so had to buy new scisscors, pins, threads and a rotary cutter. You can never have too many sewing equipment anyways!


I have been wanting to sew Sewaholic’s oakridge blouse for the longest time but we are still settling in and ordering a ton of household things through amazon so I thought Id wait a little and use this Vogue pattern as practice first. I am seeing version B.


I chose a pretty pink cotton lawn from the John Lewis store and am so excited!


Wish me luck. In between waiting for deliveries and taking the bubba out to the park, I’ve just about traced ONE sleeve out. Hopefully my sewing productivity will improve once all my boxes arrive and we’ve set up a cosy home during this beautiful (if slightly wet) summer.