Sables aux frommage et tomatoes

Sables et Frommage Tomatoes

Sables aux frommage et tomatoes. Or cheese and tomato buttery biscuit. I was looking for something quick to do while G had his afternoon nap and was enthused by the ’20 mins to make’ headline on Rachel Khoo’s recipe page. It’s my first time baking this savoury ‘sable’ french buttery biscuit. It’s a straightforward recipe although I should have sliced the biscuits thinner. I also didn’t have any strongly flavored hard cheese so just used grated mature cheddar. Good recipe! Smells heavenly in oven and gets the tummy rumbling 🙂 Very delish, very easy to put together and definitely a staple for tea.

From Rachel Khoo- Mix together 150g plain white flour with 125g grated mature hard cheese (eg Tomme), with 125g cold butter (cubed). Rub together till a sandy texture and then roll into a sausage and chill in fridge for at least 30 mins. Cut into 3mm rounds and then place half a cherry tomato on top of each biscuit. Garnish with oregano (I used rosemary as I used a softer cheese so it resonated well together ).


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