We have moved to London!

Just a short note that we have finally made the move to London! It’s been madness settling in and sorting out phone lines, internet (I am typing this entry using my mobile as we dont yet have wifi), new play areas, new nap routines…. but as you can see, the bubba is enjoying it! 🙂


At the QE Olympic Park


At Millwall Park

We sadly lost our beautiful and beloved Milo last week in Singapore.


(Wanting to join in the bubba’s pool fun)

He had a heart condition and was on meds for it. But it was time, I think, for him to run free in happy hunting grounds. We were really sad that we couldnt be there for him, but it was very quick when the end came and we are grateful he didnt suffer. We will always love him and remember him.


Pictured here with Duffy.

We are still settling in and my boxes with my Husqvarna have yet to arrive. I have always liked the John Lewis sewing machine with its vintage colours and couldnt resist buying one even though it’s a fairly basic machine!


I only managed to fit my cutting board in to my suitcase and so had to buy new scisscors, pins, threads and a rotary cutter. You can never have too many sewing equipment anyways!


I have been wanting to sew Sewaholic’s oakridge blouse for the longest time but we are still settling in and ordering a ton of household things through amazon so I thought Id wait a little and use this Vogue pattern as practice first. I am seeing version B.


I chose a pretty pink cotton lawn from the John Lewis store and am so excited!


Wish me luck. In between waiting for deliveries and taking the bubba out to the park, I’ve just about traced ONE sleeve out. Hopefully my sewing productivity will improve once all my boxes arrive and we’ve set up a cosy home during this beautiful (if slightly wet) summer.


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