Pea Fritters

It doesn’t quite seem to be the blog thing to cook something and then write how awful it is.



But there always is a first time. Pea fritters is what I like to call “Pinterest food” – good to look at, widely hailed as yummy, with exhortations all over the internet that you



So I did, because I read a Baby-Led Weaning recipe version of it.



There are various versions of the Pea Fritter. None stray very far from peas, flour (you can also use wholewheat), eggs, spring onions, lemon zest, and baking powder. For more depth of flavour, you can add salt, herbs, and cheese.



I’m not seriously convinced salt and/or cheese would make this fritter anymore interesting, but I do believe eating it together with a Yoghurt dip would make it more refreshing.



I ate my fritters with Tomato Cheese Fusili as I had no dips in my fridge to speak of. I remain puzzled about Pea Fritters. The internet keeps saying it’s ‘a healthy recipe”, but seriously how healthy can it be when it’s fried? And yes you do need to add that much vegetable oil otherwise the fritters stick and burn. I originally planned to give a fritter to the Bubba to try, but decided against it in the end. Thoroughly disappointed and so I’m giving this Pea Fritter food fad a big fat 0!


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