Jumping Into June with the Great British Sewing Bee Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits for June in the sewing world’s calendar and I jumped right into it after reading about it here. HandmadeChris promptly listed all who dared jump into this challenge and there was no ignoring it after the post! 🙂


So Wikipedia tells me that none other than Yves Saint Laurent invented the jumpsuit. I have never sewn a jumpsuit before but have had 2 in my closet after catching Samantha in a gorgeous flowy white jumpsuit in SATC. I like the jumpsuit for its comfort and wear-ability, and most of all for being able to accommodate and visually slim down my thunder thighs.

I chose the Great British Sewing Bee : Fashion with Fabric pattern. I must confess that Simplicity 1355 came very close in the pattern stakes but after considering the number of boxes left to pack I decided to go with the #GBSB pattern. I had also previously sewn the #GBSB camisole top and was curious to see it in jumpsuit form.

After toying with a red gingham fabric (yes what was I thinking!), I went with a cotton floral print. The process itself starts off with making the pants first and that was easily done within an evening.


I did a couple of things differently with the top this time. A rolled hem instead of pin hemming for the frill.


I also skipped inserting a facing and sewed it directly on to the main body. Sorry! Facings can be such a pain and I didn’t think the fabric needed it :p


Finally, pants were joined to the camisole with bias binding and elastic.


And voila! In its jumpsuit glory. Not quite the sort Mick Jagger prances dances around in, not quite the sort Lewis Hamilton crashes races around in, but just what it is, my very own #handmade jumpsuit!


So what happened when I Jumped into June with this Jumpsuit?


There was a huge amount of trepidation when it came down to the fitting crunch as this is a no-zip-no-button jumpsuit. But not too bad! The fit was essentially fine but I was too generous with the length of the straps and the frill was quite a disaster from the back as I didn’t match it properly.


My favorite bit of this jumpsuit? The rolled hem in gorgeous blue thread that makes it so fun and flirty!


Paired with a nice silver glittery shoe and you have a perfect party outfit. I prefer jumpsuits with a wider flare at the ankles but I suppose the #GBSB pattern was drafted this way because of the various hacks you can sew off it. In all honesty, without a pair of heels this jumpsuit can look a little frumpy if you have a long torso with short legs like me!


And here we have Milo wanting to join in the camera fun together with Boop 🙂


So there you have it, #jumpingintojune with all its fun and laughter. Here’s to a wonderful month ahead 🙂

Now what are we sewing for July!? 😉






9 thoughts on “Jumping Into June with the Great British Sewing Bee Jumpsuit

  1. I love that you went for it with the jumpsuit! It’s a surprisingly comfy thing to wear, isn’t it? 🙂 I think the style looks really cute on you, despite some of the issues you experienced but I reckon you could sort those things out in another version 😉 If you’re interested in a wider-leg trouser for the jumpsuit, the BHL Holly is really good – I made it and it is drafted quite well; is a little more fitted in the bum area in case you want something a little more cheeky (no pun intended LOL) Between yours and Chris’s version with the gathered ankle, I’m being tempted to make another jumpsuit myself 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Join us in #jumpingintojune! Would love to see your version 😊 the bhl jumpsuit is lovely but id like a different neckline for the next jumpsuit like the simplicity 1355 have seen some great makes on blogs. Bhl patterns r great tho arnt they? Im planning on making sewaholic’s oakridge shirt next it just looks so pretty yet practical and comfortable. Im moving to london next mth and hope to make it in liberty fabric! So excited!! 😃


      1. If I can squeeze it in, I just might, though my queue is over-full as it is 🙂 I was thinking of making the romper version of the BHL Holly since I’ve already made the jumpsuit, so the fitting part is already done – fitting is the biggest pain for me, so I’m more inclined to use an existing pattern than a new one 😛 There are some very nice jumpsuit patterns out there though – the Simplicity is nice, and I like the Burda one Chris used as well 🙂


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