Flying Ducks craft kit from The Makery


This craft kit looked like a box full of absolute fun when I first spotted it in the John Lewis store at Oxford Street. Kitsch and classic at the same time, using a sewing machine? Sold!!

I confess it was a little daunting at first as I saw the pattern sheet before the instructions when I opened the box. A quick glance through the instructions, however, revealed that as long you can trace patterns and sew seams, the ducks are relatively easy to put together.  The instructions itself were clear, and I started off with the largest duck on The Makery’s advice that it would be the least fiddly. The tracing was slightly tedious as there are many parts, but once you match up the material and stuff in the wadding, it all becomes smooth sailing and in fact you don’t really need to refer to the instructions as everything falls into place logically.


There is some hand sewing involved along the top of the duck when you sew in the wings. The kit comes with a needle and thread for this, as well as the flowery fabric that you see for the duck, as well as felt material for the beak and legs.



The kit also contains a polka dot material to differentiate the front from the back of the duck. It’ a nice effect.



You can hang the ducks up on a wall and the kit comes with an aid for this. However, I discovered that the size and shape of the duck is actually perfect for Boop – just the right size for him to grab and play with, with a lot more surface area for him to grab and throw around than say, a teddy bear.


(Yes that’s my dog lying in front of him watching duck playtime).

wpid-20150528_195250.jpgThe beauty of this craft kit from The Makery is that it taught me how to put together a soft toy and/or 3D craft project. I’ve made dog pillows before with wadding, but it just never struck me that if I pushed myself that bit more, I could create something as beautiful as this flying duck that my baby is having so much fun with (and which is helping him develop his fine motor skills!).  For some reason, I just thought that making soft toys like ducks and other animals were just hugely complicated and so I never really bothered to see if I could make them.


I’m now scouring the internet as well as Pinterest for crafting patterns to put together. There are some fun ones, like a giant squid sleeping bolster in the shape of Cthulhu. I have yet to put together the remaining two flying ducks, partly because I’m still relishing the creative experience and partly because I’m in the midst of moving halfway across the world to London.


I would encourage anyone to reach out for a kit by The Makery (and no, this is not a sponsored post). The beauty of these kits, is that it not only teaches you new skills, but also piques your innate creativity to encourage you to go beyond the project itself, to explore the world of sewing and craft. So go on!  And make something today 🙂 #MakeryMakes.


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