Edna Lewis’s Deep Fried Chicken

There’s nothing quite like that twinge of yearning in your stomach when someone mentions deep fried chicken.


The smell of fried chicken stirs memories of primary school recess time, lazy afternoons with two cats meowing at my feet, and huddling up on Friday nights watching a B grade thriller DVD.


Therein lies the almost universal appeal of fried chicken (if you eat meat). It’s everyone’s best friend, comfort food, emotional clutch. Can be eaten either hot or cold. Immediate, greasy, delicious, satisfying.


Edna Lewis’s deep fried chicken recipe calls for an overnight soak in brine, followed by an 8 hour dip in buttermilk. You then fry the chicken in lard, butter, and country ham. I’ve done this recipe both with the overnight soak and a shorter stint (about 3 hours) in buttermilk as some chefs claim the second step is not as necessary as the first. I, however, find that Edna’s 8 hour soak in buttermilk does make a more flavorful meat.

I skipped using lard as it isnt easily obtainable in my local supermarket. I also used back bacon instead of ham. The results are nonetheless stunning. Chicken being deep fried in ounces and ounces of golden butter is a smell that can drive ants crazy.

Good things come to those who wait. And this holds true for this recipe. Try it. Colonel Sanders will be out of business from you.


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