Review of Simplicity 1566A dungaree pattern


Ain’t he cute? LOL. The shameless motherly adulation of her lovely first born son πŸ˜‰

I was gifted this Simplicity pattern pack 3 months ago but spent a month faffing about and then another 2 months getting visas processed and movers hired. And then when I cut out all the pattern pieces I realised I had run out of poppers. Then when I came back from the shop I promptly broke my rotary cutter! Anyway, tools sorted out, this was a very very easy pattern to put together. In all fairness, it isnt quite a traditional dungaree that comes with a pinafore top (e.g. the one that was sewn on Season 2 of #GBSB). I prefer that pattern, but thought this was cute in its own way and frankly, it also makes a more comfortable fit as you can use knit fabric instead of the usual fabric choices of denim or corduroy. Conversely, this also makes it less ‘formal’ but I find that since babies grow so fast, its fun to sew patterns like this for him to run about in at home thus maximising the cuteness factor!

A few mistakes with this one – the pattern didnt match across the dungarees. The buttons and buttonholes were reversed but I thought that was a little negligible in the name of fashion progressiveness. The pattern calls for snap tape to be sewn into the diaper opening of the dungarees, but you can’t find snap tape for the love of God in Singapore so I just sewed in bias binding and then put in the snaps.

The pattern also provides the option of sewing a star applique on each leg, but I really (like really!) do not like sewing appliques as I find it way too tedious. But I can easily see how it would look oh-so-cute especially on stretch denim.

I usually put Boop straight into this without a onesie as it can get very hot in the afternoons. So far I’ve had no screams of protests and both snaps and buttons are still sturdy. I plan to make this again for Christmas as it will be cold by then and dungarees will come in very useful.

A small claim to fame – so I tweeted this pic of Boop to @Simplicity and it got retweeted as Simplicity’s Tweet of the Day!! Now how cool is that for an 8 month old baby ! πŸ˜‰


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