Grapefruit Olive Oil Cake on a Saturday evening

I’ve been meaning to try the Grapefruit Olive Oil cake by Casa Yellow for the longest time. I finally got to do so last weekend with some close and very treasured friends who collectively brought champagne, a brunello and a 1998 bordeaux to go along with dinner. We were all very happy by the time dessert came around, but I do remember more than a few sighs of contentment.

The recipe can be found here. Do note, however, that oven temperature should be 350 F not degrees. I have never been a fan of grapefruit and have probably only consumed it twice in my life. But I have an open mind when it comes to transforming key ingredients into something unexpected and thoroughly delightful. Like this cake. wpid-20150516_152054.jpg

It’s very, very straightforward cake to bake and rose perfectly in the oven. I know there are some die-hard bakers out there who will balk at using olive oil with cake, but I’m a progressive when it comes to cake baking having encountered so many soggy bottoms with traditional recipes like the tipsy cake.


As I baked this in the afternoon way before dinner, there was no temptation to rush to put on the glaze and so I managed to tilt it out perfectly without any crumbly bits falling out.


I mixed in a little too much muscovado sugar for the glaze, but altogether, this made a unique cake with bittersweet undertones on the palette that’s quite unlike the usual vanilla, chocolate, or uber-trendy salted caramel base. I would make this again, but perhaps experiment with combining an herbal-based liquid gel like Basil for a summer dinner party 🙂


2 thoughts on “Grapefruit Olive Oil Cake on a Saturday evening

  1. Hi Ema, the muscovado sugar helps balance out the bitter edge of the grapefruit so I’m not sure condensed milk will add the same element as its consistency is creamy. Just my views tho if you do try it do let me know! 🙂


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